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Specialist Weight Management

The Specialist Weight Management Service is in high demand with a waiting list time of approximately 12 months. If you would like to access support sooner, you may like to consider other suitable weight management and physical activity options on the main page  useful links 

What we do

We will work with you to achieve healthy, sustained weight loss for long term health improvements. Offering support from a range of health professionals who assess your needs and develop an individual health plan with you to help reach your goals.

Your plan may include support in the following key areas:

  1. Physiology (Medical)
  2. Psychology (Mental Health)
  3. Nutrition
  4. Physical activity
  5. Social

We work with external partners and may suggest you be signposted or referred to those services as part of your care plan.

Unfortunately if you miss two appointments with the service you will be discharged back to your primary care GP. This includes cancellations and failure to attend.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be referred into the service
  • Registered with a St Helens GP
  • Adults aged 16+ with BMI 40+
  • Adults aged 16+ with BMI 35+ with one or more co-morbidities (including gestational diabetes)
  • Pregnant women aged 16+ with BMI 35+ at the time of booking.
  • Adults aged 16+ with a BMI 30+ with a diagnosis of diabetes
  • Have not been discharged from the service within the last 12months.
  • Committed to receiving and complying with the service.
  • Willing to engage in the programme and work towards health improvement goals. Anyone not engaging in the programme will be discharged.

What we don’t provide

  • We do not prescribe any medication including injections for weight loss.
  • Free gym access
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Personal one to one training
  • Any guarantee of acceptance for weight loss surgery

We do not accept referrals for anyone:

  • Anyone accessing another weight management programme. Examples include the National Diabetes Prevention Programme, NHS Digital, Oviva, slimming clubs
  • Anyone within 2 years post weight loss surgery
  • With an active eating disorder including binge eating, anorexia or bulimia nervosa Adults Eating Disorder Service in Knowsley (merseycare.nhs.uk)
  • Active substance misuse or dependency
  • Serious uncontrolled disease
  • Significant diagnosis that would prevent engagement.

Weight loss surgery

If you have been thinking about weight loss surgery as an option, you should discuss this with your GP before being referred.

There is an additional criteria and level of commitment required to be placed on this pathway and we can not refer you for surgery without completing the programme.

How to refer

We require a completed referral form received from a GP or health professional with blood tests within the last 3 months.

The quickest way is to ask your GP or health professional to make a referral for you.

You can self-refer by telephone or through the contact form below, but this may take a little longer as we will still need to get in touch with your GP to make a referral.