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Getting Active

Activity and information sessions for all the family, fun activities, play sessions, outdoor activity, walking for Health and more.

Exercise and keeping active are an important aspect of having positive health and wellbeing

We provide activity and information sessions for all the family, physical activities, information about your body and what is needed to lead a happy healthy life. You can make changes, big or small, to be more active.

Exercise has so many benefits such as reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and keeping your weight maintained. Not only that, there is strong evidence that shows taking in some regular activity really does keep you mentally feeling well too... and the good news, there is something for everyone.

We also provide some referral only services including one-to-one support and tailored activity plans as well as rehabilitation activity programmes for people who have had heart related problems, balance issues or falls, chronic pain and those recovering from a stroke.

How do I access the service?

You can access support, advice, or book an activity

Telephone 01744 371111 or Email chcp.sthelens@nhs.net

Services are currently booked on a project or session basis.


Love doing the workout, making new friends, you’re having fun and working out without knowing it. Learning new skills.

Getting Active

 It was our first walk today in Victoria park and really enjoyed it was lovely to be out the house in the fresh air and meeting people. Will certainly be doing it again when we can and maybe going to other meeting places.

Walks Programme

Walking group Victoria Park 2019: I feel a lot better since I started the walks around Victoria Park in St Helens.

We also feel safe which is important to us older generation. Eunice

Getting active

Walking victoria park 2019: We look forward to our Thursday afternoons because we usually have good weather, and we enjoy the chats with our fellow walkers and we also observe the changes in the environment. We observe the trees and the wildlife and the state of the park and put the world to rights. The gentle exercise is very beneficial, and the fresh air does us good.  Dylys

Getting Active

Couch to 3k “Comfortable and relaxing environment to get fit”


Getting active

Couch to 3k, “Great environment to exercise”


Getting Active

Couch to 3k “Really good way to improve your fitness”


Getting Active

Couch to 3k “Good way to begin or return to exercising”

Getting Active

In the past 5 years I have not been able to lose any weight since I had prostate cancer, but while doing the course, counting my calories and going to the gym I have lost 8 lb up to now. You could do nothing to improve, I would just like to thank everyone for all your help!


Healthy St Helens

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