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Stop Smoking

Free advice and support to help you quit smoking in a way that suits you.

If you smoke tobacco or use an e-cig and want help to quit, we're here for you!

We will help you to change your smoking habits and will offer a variety of proven stop smoking therapies to help you to achieve your goal. We are e cig friendly and support anyone who is using a vape to quit.


COVID-19 has changed the way that we all live our lives and how we think about our health.

The NHS Better Health campaign reminds us that there has never been a better time to kickstart your health. Quit smoking today and you will see immediate health benefits. You will also be protecting those around you from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke including children and those who are vulnerable.

St Helens Wellbeing has a wide variety of free services to help you improve your health, so take a look at what’s on offer and if YOU want to achieve better health, contact us today or give us a call!

Covid 19 Information
New clients

Smokers ages 12 and over who want help to quit, can self-refer for support by ringing 01744 371111 or complete the ‘contact us’ form here.

We will arrange a full consultation by an agreed method (usually by telephone) to assess and agree an individual plan to support you to quit. Smoking tobacco produces high levels of carbon monoxide which is inhaled directly into a smokers’ lungs and build up throughout the day. This increases the risks of developing smoking related illnesses. The good news is that quitting smoking stops this risk immediately and you will be free from CO within 24hrs after stopping. We can offer you a reading of your levels whilst smoking.  If you would like to know your level of carbon monoxide (CO) please let the staff know and we will arrange to meet you face to face.

Paula ,28   “ I didn’t know that getting help to stop smoking would be this easy otherwise I think I would have quit ages ago!” 

Existing Clients

People who register with SMOKEFREE will continue to be supported throughout their quit attempt by an agreed method of contact i.e. telephone, text or video call. Access to nicotine therapies is easy, in most cases you will be given a code and all you need to do is show this your local Pharmacy and they supply what was agreed with your advisor.

Dave, 32   “ the support I’ve had has been great and fits in with my work commitments without having to allow extra time travelling to see my advisor-I’m now quit, and the regular contact and therapy keeps me going”

PLEASE NOTE our community-based drop-ins are not running at the moment but you will still have our full support by telephone or video calls. Face to face sessions can be arranged on request.

Choose a QUIT method to suit you...
Call One to one telephone support 01744 371 111
Text Text support - text QUIT to 61825
one to one Covid update - Appointment only to help us manage social distancing
Hear about Karla's QUIT journey on the video below:


Stop Smoking


“Sandra called me about stopping smoking. I felt really relaxed and happy talking to her. I then went straight for an interview, and got the job. I still haven’t had a cigarette!”


 I feel I have more energy since I quit smoking and the calls from Christine had been a great in helping me to quit.



I haven't smoked now for over 3 months and it is brilliant. I have noticed a big difference in going to the gym, I feel so much healthier and can do more. Thank you Sandra for all your help you have been brilliant.


Stop smoking

I have not smoked now for 4 months, and I have never in my life lasted this long not smoking, this is due to the help I have with Sandra my advisor she has been such a star. Still taking one day at a time like Sandra said but I’m doing it. What a great service!!


I'm still not smoking after 6 months and I still use my Inhalator occasionally as it helps with missing any hand to mouth activity I 'me feeling well and I've been getting out and about with my family using my mobility bike I recently visited Chester Zoo and had a lovely day. I would recommend the Stop smoking service to friends and family because the regular calls from my advisor Christine and being able to easily access for whatever I needed helped so much to keep me smoke free.


I’m feeling great since quitting smoking my breathing has improved and I feel much better in general, and I've saved money from not buying cigarettes. Christine my advisor has been brilliant and I would definitely recommend the service to anyone wanting to stop.


I had weekly calls with Lisa and I never thought at first I'd ever be able to quit, with her support , advice and patience she helped me to gain confidence that I could. I used champix too and have not smoked for 6 months now. I'm so proud of myself and I couldn't have done it without Lisa's help.

Stop smoking

Have spoken to Danielle twice, have been using the inhalator and gum to help me stop vaping. I've noticed a massive difference in just a few weeks, I have been breathing better with not using the vape, I've not needed to use my inhaler for my asthma. Me and my family also went to Alton Towers for 2 days and I did 18,000 steps and it was such an amazing feeling not being out of breath.

Paul is Celebrating his 1st year anniversary of being smokefree today 02/08/2021. He was a heavy chain smoker and since quitting he feels so much healthier and better. He said he couldn’t have done it without my support

I contacted the service after an appointment with my Midwife, my friends and relatives have been very supportive.  Danielle from Smokefree has been very helpful,with weekly calls and text messges. I have stopped smoking and my Inhalator has helped along with keeping busy.


Ste from Parr, 61yrs committed to quit to improve his health, struggling to catch his breath when walking short distances. stayed quit now for nearly 3 months. Feels so much better has noticed an improvement in his breathing, able to get about more and has saved money too, redecorated living room and new garden furniture for staycation.


Everything about my experience with this service was wonderful from the beginning when I called and spoke to a lady called Sue who explained the process to speaking to my advisor Sandra who for the past 4 months has helped me more than she will ever know. Everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable and professional. I never thought I would stop smoking so late in life, but Sandra has helped me to achieve this, and I am utterly grateful to her for this. I feel like I have my life back from those pesky cigs, so thank you so much for your help.


I have smoked since I was 9 and tried to quit about 5 times, I felt like a slave, I always had to have a fully charged vape next to me and would vape constantly, now after taking to Sandra my stop smoking advisers, I no longer feel enslaved by nicotine. Our weekly chats and Sandra’s encouragement helped me to stay on track during my quit journey. I was never judged and was always supported. Knowing Sandra is an ex-smoker herself makes it more powerful as it’s not just someone using the right words.


Alison is very pleased she has achieved her quit and is feeling good, she’s saved money and doesn’t have the smell of smoke in her hair and cloths. She’s enjoying the feeling of freedom for the smoking habit and can relax and enjoy social occasions more.

Alison commented the SS service was fantastic and easy to access , and her husband has also quit and currently receiving support with the service in support of her

She would highly recommend to anyone thinking of quitting.


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