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Top Tips


Wait out the urge to smoke, it will pass in a few minutes

Deep Breathing

Breathe in slowly and as deeply as you can, then breathe out slowly. Repeat this 5 times

Drink Water

Sip the water slowly & hold it in your mouth for a little while


Talk to a friend, focus on the task you are doing, or get up & move around. Do something that takes your mind off smoking for a few minutes


How do I cope with the desire/urge to smoke?

Write down your reasons for quitting & look at it every day.

Don’t have “just one” cig, STOP YOURSELF.

Remind yourself as to why you quit in the first place

Be prepared for times when you get “the urge”

Cut down on alcohol if you are more tempted to smoke when you drink

Change your habits. Instead of smoking after meals havea piece of fruit, brush your teeth, chew some gum or make a brew

Find support. Ask friends to support you by not offering you cigarettes

Find someone to become your ‘buddy’ who you can contact if you are tempted to smoke.

Call the service on 01744 371111 if you need more support

Treat yourself each time you get through a day/week without smoking. For example: buy a DVD, cinema ticket or save for a weekend break