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Ways to quit

Nicotine therapy is usually offered as part of your stop smoking plan of treatment for all smokers aged 12 and over registering a quit attempt with St Helens Smokefree. Currently there are many products available, and your advisor will discuss which product will suit you. They are prescribed at your local pharmacy by presenting your nicotine voucher code or on prescription.

Using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) will increase the chances of you quitting significantly and will help you to manage withdrawal symptoms. This includes using a single nicotine therapy like a patch, gum, mouth or nasal spray, an inhalator or Lozenge or it can be a combination of two products, depending on individual needs.

There are other licenced stop smoking medications that can be used if you are over 18. (These products cannot be prescribed to smokers who are pregnant.)



Zyban -also known as Bupropion, is another stop smoking medication that is available on prescription - speak to your GP, Pharmacist or Stop smoking advisor for advice.

Click:  Zyban Leaflet to view patient information guide for how to use ZYBAN effectively.



Champix-also known as Varenicline - has recently been withdrawn from supply and we will keep you updated when it is available again