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Meet the Team

       Julie-Stop smoking Operational Lead

 I am proud to say I have managed the St Helens Smokefree Team for over 20 years. My background is in community health and I have always been passionate about helping people to improve their lifestyle. Our team consists of very experienced specialists and includes Tobacco Control Practitioners for ‘prevention’ & Stop Smoking Practitioners, who are all working towards a tobacco-free future of our young people and to support  smokers on their journey to be smokefree.  We are part of the wider St Helens Wellbeing Team, so we offer a holistic package of care that includes access to our other Wellbeing services

 Sandra - Stop smoking Adviser

I have worked as a Stop Smoking Practitioner for over 17 years now, and it still fills me with pride knowing I am helping someone not only to stop smoking but to empower them holistically . Then to see their self esteem grow and being proud of themselves in what they have achieved.

Lisa - Stop smoking Practitoner

I’ve been helping people to stop smoking for 14 years now . I’m from a nursing background with 32 years experience working for the NHS.  It can be satisfying when someone quits knowing you have helped empower them to do so and in some cases change their lives completely with the benefits of extra cash, or signposting them elsewhere to address factors that may have contributed to their smoking habits.


Danielle 1
Danielle-Stop smoking Practitoner

 I've been helping people Stop Smoking for 4 years . I have worked for the NHS for nearly 10 years now and have gained valuable experience working in local hospitals and communities. I have lots of job satisfaction as I know I am helping people become healthier and this can also have a positive impact on how they feel in their day to day lives. I am proud to work for St.Helens Wellbeing knowing we can offer holistic support to people when they need it.