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Weight Management

Support to improve and achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle for adults and families

Start losing weight for good, using healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss

If you’re looking to start on a weight loss journey, look no further.

For most people, adopting a healthier eating pattern means making small changes to the foods that we buy, prepare and eat. 

Our food workers deliver a variety of practical activities, information and guidance around food and nutrition for all ages, helping you make small changes to food and adopt a healthy eating pattern by preparing food, tackling emotional eating, and cravings.

Helping changing the way we shop for food, having healthy portion sizes to promote a healthy weight.

How do I access the service?

Get in touch with us today for support, advice and to book a place on any of our activities

Telephone 01744 371111 or Email chcp.sthelens@nhs.net


It was this session that introduced me to exercise. Without it I would never have started. It was the fact that everyone was at my level and therefore I did not feel embarrassed.

Weight Management

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