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Smokefree Families

Smokefree St Helens work in partnership with local Maternity services to provide a safer, smokefree environment for you and your family. Ideally you and your partner and family will already have quit smoking in time for your new baby’s arrival but it’s never too late!

If you or family & friends want help to quit after your baby is born you can refer yourself using the contact us page or ask your health visitor for support and information

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The Impact of secondhand smoke

How will I stop others smoking around my baby or children?

We can’t always control what others do, but we have a choice when it is our own home or car. Plan ahead to avoid exposing you and your family to tobacco smoke.

 Ask other people who smoke and are living with you or visiting you at your home to smoke outside.

Since October 2015, Smoking in a car or any other closed vehicle where there are babies or children is breaking the law. If you are a passenger in a vehicle with your baby or children, ask the driver or others not to smoke.

If you are visiting someone who smokes, politely ask them if they will smoke outside (an hour before you arrive) while you are there. Most people smoke outside nowadays and won’t mind being asked.

Please don’t forget about your Pets!

Smoking around your beloved pets is bad for their health. Chemicals in Tobacco smoke stick to their fur, which they may lick when they are cleaning themselves and this can make them ill. Their health will also be affected the same as yours is if exposed to tobacco smoke.

Smokefree Families