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Mental Health Awareness Week

10 May, 2022

The theme set by the Mental Health Foundation for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is 'loneliness'. In any year 1 in 4 people may experience mental ill health. Loneliness can affect our mental and physical health. #lveBeenThere Together, we can tackle loneliness!

So, what is loneliness and what can we do to help reduce this? Loneliness is the feeling we experience when there is a mismatch between the social connections we have and those that we need or want. Sometimes it's hard to say we feel lonely, but St Helens wellbeing service we are encouraging everyone to join us in our activities over the coming week, with activities to suit all to help you connect. We have set up a timetable of events locally for the week.

Perhaps you could also try the #80 Miles in May challenge. which the Mental Health Foundation are running. It is known that Physical Activity at all levels done safely and connecting with people is good for our mental and physical health. St Helens Borough Council is also promoting the buddyboost challenge. encouraging residents and workers across St Helens to be more active as part of a group of friends. family or colleagues supporting each other along the way.

Our qualified staff lead walks. Couch to 3K and other activities such as Cook & Taste and our allotment. all of which can all contribute to the #80 Miles in May and Buddy Boost challenges, reducing loneliness and supporting positive wellbeing. For more details. please click here and on the above timetable.

Mikes Story:

I was very lonely but since I attended the Men's Mixed Activities at Peter Street Community Centre. I have felt like I belonged somewhere. It also gets me out of the house.

I have certainly encouraged other participants from some of the other groups to attend the Men's Group. I feel a lot of people now look up to me to keep them motivated.

It was good for me to meet new people; they are good.

decent people. There is a friendly atmosphere in the groups, and I have also made new friends.

I have become good at interacting with new participants and making them feel welcome.

As a result of attending the groups I have become more confident to engage in other things. It is great to know that there are services and people out there that put these types of groups on that can really help people. I spend a lot more time out of the house now.

Attending the groups has helped my wellbeing quite a lot, I enjoyed the sessions and find that I'm now more sociable. I feel a lot better around other people in general and my wellbeing has improved as a result. I have more of a routine to my week.

I found the staff at St Helens Wellbeing Service to be friendly, very good and helpful.

Mental Health Awareness Week