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We are passionate about being accessible. This means the communication needs of our community are very important to us - we pride ourselves on being inclusive and adapting how we deliver our service to fit people’s needs. We want everybody to feel confident that they will receive the right support for them! Whatever your background, age, gender, sexual orientation, or level of ability, there should be no barriers preventing you from feeling and living better.  

Our Supporting ARM (Accessible Resource Management) group meet regularly to identify, discuss, and resolve any issues to support an inclusive service. We get guidance from our resident experts, James, and Steven, who have direct experience of learning disabilities. Together with representatives from each of our services, we adapt materials and processes to make them accessible, whatever your needs.

With each new individual service-user, we learn of new challenges and barriers. As new technologies and methods of support become available, we are ready to explore the many ways in which our service can adapt to ensure everyone always feels welcome!


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Healthy Eating

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